【ChiChat X Meet Taipei 2023 Innovation and Entrepreneurship Carnival Ends Perfectly!】

The three-day Meet Taipei 2023 Innovation and Entrepreneurship Carnival, held from November 30th to December 2nd at the Nangang Exhibition Center, has come to a successful close! This edition was more magnificent than ever, with a higher turnout of innovative businesses and over tens of thousands of participants.

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ChiChat is honored to have been invited to exhibit for two consecutive years. Our booth, located at M2-01, took the lead in the “Marketing Technology and New Retail” area. As the first exhibitor, ChiChat introduced more AI-driven services this year, saving manpower costs and effectively utilizing website traffic to reduce advertising expenses.

With a collaboration network exceeding 300+ businesses, including those in finance, food, cosmetics, and more, ChiChat is expanding its services to a broader customer base.

On-site Booth Photos

【Domestic Business Division】
 During the three-day event, ChiChat’s team engaged with numerous attendees. In addition to showcasing our services through intuitive videos, our team combined relevant industry cases and usage scenarios to provide a deeper understanding of how ChiChat’s Smart Dialogue Engine plays a crucial role in marketing.

As a new form of marketing in Taiwan, ChiChat attracted inquiries not only from corporate representatives (advertising agencies, startups, independent brands, developers, finance-related entities, etc.) but also from students interested in the unique combination of Taiwanese and Japanese patented AI in marketing strategies.

While conducting business inquiries at the exhibition, we also aimed to educate, hoping to broaden the perspectives of emerging talents and bring more possibilities to the future of technology and marketing industries.

Supervisor of Global Sales

Supervisor of Global Sales

Supervisor of Global Sales

Director of Global Sales

【Overseas Business Division】

The exhibition not only attracted domestic businesses but also welcomed many international companies (Singapore, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia), bringing along representatives and opening up possibilities for ChiChat’s overseas development. This includes connecting with Indonesian businesses, expressing hopes for more overseas collaboration opportunities in the future.


On-site Consultation Scene

【Startup Consultation Forum Speech】
Originally invited to speak at Meet Taipei 2023 on “The New Application of AI and Marketing in 2023,” ChiChat CEO Mr. Ishikawa had to miss the event due to a business trip. However, our Supervisor of Global Sales attended the “Startup Consultation Forum” to introduce ChiChat’s services to professionals, discussing the latest AI marketing methods in 2023 and how AI helps reduce manpower costs and maximize effectiveness by providing predictive values through big data learning to assist companies in planning marketing strategies.

Supervisor of Global Sales: New Applications of AI and Marketing in 2023.

We express our gratitude to Meet Taipei 2023 for the invitation and thank all the attendees. This event has concluded perfectly! Let’s look forward to next year’s exhibition!

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