[Advertising Agency Only] 3 Essential Strategies to Implement After the Abolition of Cookies!

【Article Summary】

In the field of internet marketing, retargeting is widely recognized as a highly effective strategy. However, with increasing scrutiny on privacy issues, traditional retargeting methods using cookies are on the verge of being phased out. In response to this, our white paper introduces innovative retargeting methods that do not rely on cookies.

This white paper outlines the challenges of traditional cookie-based retargeting and provides a detailed explanation of alternative retargeting methods. These methods not only address privacy concerns but are also predicted to become mainstream in the future.

Moreover, we showcase the effectiveness of cookie-free retargeting strategies and discuss key points for their implementation using specific examples and data. This aims to offer marketers and businesses insights on effectively leveraging new retargeting methods to strengthen engagement with customers.

Through this white paper, we hope to help individuals adapt to the changes in digital marketing, understand the effectiveness of cookie-free retargeting strategies, and provide information to support business growth by utilizing the latest marketing technologies.


【Target Audience for This White Paper】

  • Those who are not yet familiar with the discontinuation of cookies.
  • Those interested in understanding effective retargeting strategies for the future.
  • Those who have been asked by clients for proposals on post-cookie discontinuation strategies.
【Table of Contents】
  • Mechanisms of 1st and 3rd party cookies.
  • Historical regulatory trends and future regulatory content.
  • The scope and specific details affected by cookie regulations.
  • Three recommended cookie-free retargeting methods (countermeasures).

About 99% of customers landing through advertisements are bouncing.

As Cookie is gradually being phased out, even in Google Chrome, marketers must implement marketing strategies that are not reliant on cookies. Previously, using cookies allowed for effective delivery through retargeting ads and obtaining browsing behavior or site visits from high-potential target sites in third-party delivery.

In this context, the book explains what cookies are fundamentally and emphasizes the need to establish mechanisms that are compatible with cookies.

3 Selected Remarketing Methods Compatible with Cookieless Environments

Furthermore, in this book, we carefully selected three remarketing methods that are compatible with the cookie-less era.

Marketers need to use these remarketing techniques to create touchpoints for existing customers and strengthen delivery to new customers.

ChiChat as a Remarking Technique

ChiChat recommends considering it as one of these remarketing methods.

In the cookie-less era, conducting customer nurturing through LINE allows for the development of more effective marketing strategies.

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