[Advertising Agency Only] New Acquisition Strategies and Existing Customer Strategies Possible with LINE Marketing

【Article Summary】
This book focuses on LINE marketing, which many companies leverage, and provides explanations with a focus on strategies for acquiring new customers and initiatives for existing customers.

By utilizing LINE, you can directly approach your target audience and conduct effective promotions.

In this article, we explain the basics of LINE marketing in a beginner-friendly manner, introducing specific strategies and success stories. Please use this as a reference and aim for the growth of your business.

【Table of Contents】
  • What is LINE?
  • Marketing initiatives possible on LINE
  • Concrete examples of marketing initiatives

Leveraging LINE for Marketing

LINE possesses features that enhance communication with customers, similar to newsletters, and excels in acquiring new customers. As a result, it becomes a crucial choice within marketing strategies.

By leveraging LINE, direct engagement with the target audience becomes possible, effectively promoting repeat purchases among existing customers and reaching new customers. Consequently, LINE marketing is gaining attention as a powerful means to stimulate business growth.

List of Marketing Strategies that can be Implemented on LINE

In this document, we have created several checklists of LINE strategies.

Each strategy is designed to be universally applicable across various industries and business types. Please use this checklist to prioritize and implement strategies based on your needs!

If you would like to download this book, you can do so from the following link.