[Advertising Agency Only] Secret Techniques to Boost Sales by 30% Using LINE

【Article Summary】

The increasing importance of LINE marketing. With a user base of 92 million, LINE has become a crucial channel for building relationships with existing customers and acquiring new ones. This article explains the potential use of LINE in the future.

【Table of Contents】
  • Common Challenges Faced by LINE Operation Personnel
  • The account profile is a must.
  • A Must-Use! Essential Free Features of LINE
  • Absolutely a Must-Use! Must-Have Features of Free LINE
  • Plus Alpha! Must-Have Free Features on LINE
  • For those still struggling with LINE operations

Common Challenges Faced by LINE Operations Personnel

LINE operators face several challenges, and some of the issues they may encounter include:

  1. Overemphasis on Increasing Friends: Focusing solely on increasing friends may lead to a decline in the quality of content.

  2. Lack of Improvement in LINE Operations: If LINE operation results are not improving, there might be a decrease in the motivation to implement the PDCA (Plan-Do-Check-Act) cycle.

  3. Reuse of Creatives: Using the same creatives repeatedly may prevent users from experiencing freshness, resulting in a lack of interest.

Examples of LINE Accounts with No Results

In this book, we provide examples of ineffective LINE accounts, and it is advised not to reference such accounts.

  1. Excessive Delivery Frequency:

    • Delivering content too frequently may lead to follower fatigue. It is important to reduce the delivery frequency and provide new information or content to keep followers interested.
  2. Excessively Long Account Name:

    • An excessively long account name can be hard to remember. It is crucial to choose a concise and memorable account name.
  3. Text-Heavy Content:

    • Content that is overly text-heavy might make followers hesitant to read. Incorporating visual content, videos, and other non-text elements can capture followers’ interest effectively.

How to Create LINE Banners Quickly Using Free Tools

In this book, we provide a method for creating LINE banners for free. Utilizing templates and design materials with Canva allows you to create high-quality LINE banners in a short period.

If you would like to download this book, you can do so from the following link.