[Advertising Agency Only]How much is the missed conversion value? Introducing the calculation method and acquisition methods

【Article Summary】
In this white paper, we calculate the potential number of conversions that can be obtained or uplifted from the customers who are bouncing off the site. Additionally, we introduce strategies to capture the missed conversions calculated through this process.
【Target Audience for This White Paper】 Those who are advertising on their own website but are struggling to improve CPA. Those who are looking to increase their CV.
【Table of Contents】
  • Opportunity Loss Due to Missed Conversions
  • The effectiveness of online customer acquisition.
  • Category-specific CVR
  • Retargeting Advertising
  • Bounce Prevention Pop-Up
  • Combination of LINE and Bounce Prevention
  • Anticipated Effects of Bounce Prevention

The average online customer acquisition results in an annual opportunity loss of 80000 dollar.

Missed conversions occur when customers leave without completing actions such as making a purchase or an inquiry, resulting in missed opportunities for the business.

To address this, it is essential to optimize user experience and leverage retargeting strategies, providing information based on customer needs and making timely approaches. This can help reduce missed opportunities and lead to an improvement in conversion rates.

Three Remarketing Methods Compatible with Cookieless Environments

Among the potential customers attracted online, there is a current situation where 97-99% do not proceed to make a purchase.

This is likely attributed to deficiencies in user experience and insufficient information. To effectively improve conversion rates, it is crucial to focus on optimizing the usability and design of the site, as well as personalization tailored to individual customer needs. Through these measures, an improvement in the purchase rate can be expected.

Benefits of Implementing Bounce Prevention Measures

Engaging in bounce prevention measures has several benefits, including extending the customer’s time spent on the site and improving the conversion rate.

This, in turn, can lead to increased sales, repeat rates, and stimulate business growth. Additionally, there is an expectation of improved customer satisfaction and an expansion of word-of-mouth and referrals. Bounce prevention strategies are crucial initiatives that contribute to strengthening engagement with customers, involving aspects such as optimizing user experience and personalization.

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