2024 Marketing Strategy(Part 2)

Analyzing Sales Objectives Through the Marketing Funnel, Integrating AI to Build a New Digital Channel Model

How to Achieve Marketing Goals

Marketing Goal 1: Reduce CPA & CPM, Increase Impressions

We can optimize our advertising strategy by adjusting the target audience, specifically targeting those most likely to be interested in the product or service. This involves using precise targeting criteria such as geographic location, age, gender, interests, and setting specific time frames to minimize wasted ad exposure.

Furthermore, we can enhance the effectiveness of our advertising by optimizing ad content through A/B testing. By experimenting with different ad creatives and slogans, we can identify the most impactful combinations to increase click-through rates and reduce cost per acquisition (CPA).

Implementing these strategies allows us to effectively decrease both CPA and cost per thousand impressions (CPM) while simultaneously increasing ad impressions, ensuring the efficient achievement of our advertising goals.

Marketing Goal 2: Reduce Customer Communication Costs and Duration

Reducing customer communication costs is best achieved by establishing a private domain, redirecting consumers entering the official website through advertising/SEO to private domains (such as LINE OA, app memberships, online memberships), and creating a private customer database. This database includes basic information, transaction history, preferences, etc. This helps better understand customer needs, provides more personalized services, and significantly lowers the cost of push notifications.

Establishing a private domain not only efficiently utilizes previous lead generation resources (e.g., advertising costs, SEO costs) but can also be combined with chatbots to accelerate communication and swiftly address consumer concerns.

Utilizing the latest AI technology in Japan, the “ChiChat Retargeting Chatbot” leverages SNS chat platforms like LINE OA. Once consumers join, a series of customized scripts quickly identify customer needs and offer corresponding products, enhancing consumer satisfaction with the brand.

Marketing Goal 3: Precision Segmentation, Increase Retargeting and Word-of-Mouth Marketing to Enhance Conversion Intent.

Through the establishment and guidance of the private domain, we can cleverly utilize retargeting strategies, especially in 2024 when the exit of cookies may impact advertising effectiveness. The private domain has become a more critical resource, not only for repeatedly pushing content but also for overcoming the limitations of tracking conversions, allowing retargeting strategies to persist.

Against this backdrop, the “ChiChat Retargeting Chatbot” serves as an intelligent tool to further enhance the effectiveness of private domain retargeting. Through its AI intelligent segmentation and tagging features, we can finely personalize push content based on user interests, behaviors, and other tags, making each message more appealing.

This personalized retargeting approach not only increases conversion intent but also provides a better experience for users. Moving away from traditional methods relying on third-party cookie tracking, the integration of the private domain and ChiChat Retargeting Chatbot brings new possibilities to marketing strategies, allowing brands to interact more precisely and deeply with their target audience, thereby increasing conversion intent and establishing the foundation for word-of-mouth marketing.

With this strategy, we aim to better meet customer needs while enhancing the brand’s competitiveness in the market.

Marketing Goal 4: Increase Conversion Rates and Performance.

Through the precision segmentation strategy of retargeting, we can more effectively target products that consumers are interested in, push personalized promotional messages, significantly increase the final conversion probability, and achieve the goal of improving performance.

The core of this strategy lies in a deep understanding of each consumer’s needs, preferences, and behaviors, thereby providing more specific and appealing messages during the retargeting phase. With the intelligent segmentation labeling feature of the “ChiChat Retargeting Chatbot,” we can meticulously label the characteristics of each user and push personalized promotions that meet their needs based on these characteristics.

Such personalized promotional messages not only increase consumer interest in the product but also stimulate their desire to make a purchase. Simultaneously, through rigorous precision segmentation, we ensure that each pushed message is highly relevant and valuable, further enhancing the conversion rate.

Marketing Goal 5: Increase Repeat Purchase Conversion Rate

In the post-purchase stage, the “ChiChat Retargeting Chatbot” plays a crucial role as a key marketing strategy. During this period, we can enhance repeat purchase conversion rates by regularly sending messages based on the time elapsed since the purchase, such as 1 month or 3 months.

The content of these push messages can be diverse, including:

  1. Original Product Renewal Discount: Provide renewal discounts for repurchasing the original product, such as discount codes or exclusive member offers, encouraging customers to make another purchase.

  2. New Product Trial Opportunity: If there are new product releases, invite customers to participate in trials through push messages to expand awareness and interest in the new product.

  3. Exclusive Event Offers: Offer exclusive event discounts for customers who have made a previous purchase, providing them with a sense of unique value.

  4. User Story Sharing: Share enjoyable experiences of other customers who have made repeat purchases through user stories to evoke resonance.

This retargeting strategy, facilitated by the intelligent segmentation labeling feature of the “ChiChat Retargeting Chatbot,” ensures that each customer receives the most attractive and relevant messages. Furthermore, this periodic interaction helps maintain the brand’s presence in the customer’s mind, increasing repeat purchase conversion rates.

Such specific and targeted retargeting measures not only cater to individual customer needs but also strengthen the connection between customers and the brand, thereby promoting repeat purchases. This strategy is expected to consistently improve conversion rates in the long run, contributing to steady business growth for the brand.


In 2024, the marketing landscape has undergone significant changes, requiring rapid adjustments in marketing strategies for various business departments. This year, private domain marketing has emerged as a mainstream trend in retargeting, while AI assistance is considered a future development trend. Through “ChiChat x AI Retargeting Chatbot,” we can cleverly leverage the private domain, providing personalized content through intelligent segmentation to enhance consumer satisfaction and conversion rates, achieving a win-win marketing model.

This innovative marketing approach not only aligns with the current trend of private domain marketing but also provides deeper intelligence analysis and marketing strategies with the assistance of artificial intelligence. The application of “ChiChat x AI Retargeting Chatbot” not only offers an effective retargeting tool for businesses but also delivers a more personalized and valuable shopping experience for consumers.

Through this marketing model, businesses can more precisely understand and meet customer needs, while customers, feeling a more personalized care, are more willing to engage with the brand. This two-way communication model helps establish long-term customer loyalty, thereby driving steady revenue growth.

In summary, the trend of combining private domain marketing with AI assistance is not only an effective means of addressing current marketing challenges but also opens up new possibilities for the future development of marketing.


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