Japanese company "OneAI" and "DigitSpark" from Taiwan join forces to create a new era in AI marketing, targeting global markets

The Taiwan branch of Japanese company “OneAI Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.” completed a strategic capital business collaboration with Taiwan’s “Digit Spark Digital Technology Group” on January 31, 2024, aiming to forge a new era of AI marketing in Taiwan. Simultaneously, they are also collaborating to expand into international markets, actively seeking opportunities with overseas marketers.

Image: OneAI CEO Masaya Ishikawa (right) and Digit Spark CEO Zhenhao Chen (left)
Image: OneAI CEO Masaya Ishikawa (right) and Digit Spark CEO Zhenhao Chen (left)

Asia is a crucial battleground for global marketing; Taiwan-Japan data cooperation enhances competitiveness

Asia has long been a fiercely competitive battleground for the marketing industry, with companies striving to find ways to stand out. With the rapid development of data technology, marketing strategies are entering a new era of digital transformation, with the application of artificial intelligence becoming a key factor in enhancing competitiveness.

“OneAI,” as a pioneer of Japanese enterprise in Taiwan, is based on AI technology with dual Taiwan-Japan patents, possessing the capability to automatically generate graphics and text and combining AI algorithms to provide image conversion rates. Its “ChiChat” system has played a crucial role in over 300 enterprises across Taiwan. On the other hand, Digit Spark is an integrated marketing company combining internet media and AI MarTech, leveraging data integration including 7 million SEO data entries, 1 billion advertising data, and 2.6 million pet and social community-related industry data, assisting over 2000 enterprises in digital optimization and transformation.

In past collaborations, OneAI and Digit Spark have served overlapping corporate clientele, with Digit Spark’s clients often adopting the ChiChat service system and achieving outstanding marketing results. This has spurred both parties to deepen their strategic cooperation this year, leveraging each other’s strengths through strategic capital business collaboration to maximize benefits. After extensive planning and discussions lasting six months, the two finally completed the strategic capital business collaboration on January 31.

This collaboration will bring more possibilities to Taiwanese enterprises. With OneAI’s launch of the “OneDesign” integrated feature in 2024, combined with Digit Spark’s “Linker AI” service, they will create more precise and flexible advertising strategies. Simultaneously, they will jointly promote the widespread application of AI technology in the marketing field, providing more valuable services to clients. In the international market, OneAI will leverage its Japanese resources, integrating Digit Spark’s experience in marketing in Singapore and overseas markets, jointly expanding the global marketing landscape. This collaboration undoubtedly injects new momentum into Taiwan’s AI marketing and brings broader development prospects.