OneAI launches its AI advertising material generation system "OneDesign" official version, starting service on July 1st!

OneAI Corporation, headquartered in Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan, and led by President Shinya Ishikawa, has developed the AI advertising material generation system “OneDesign” in close collaboration between its Generative AI specialized team and a professional team with expertise in digital marketing. Today, it officially begins offering services, adopting a monthly subscription model for enterprises in Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Singapore that engage in advertising.

<Introduction to AI Advertising Material Generation System “OneDesign”>

OneDesign utilizes AI-generated technology to significantly reduce the time required for creating advertising materials and greatly enhances Conversion Rate (CVR). By dramatically reducing the production time of materials, it achieves more effective material production SOPs, thereby promoting business performance growth.

<Features of OneDesign>

-Highly effective by accurately predicting CVR 

Simple generation of “failsafe” materials and content through AI-based CVR estimation.


-High-speed generation of one image in 10 seconds 

Immediately generates image materials by simply inputting product information and uploading materials.



-Industry-first feature: PSD file download

In cases requiring brand image emphasis or detailed modifications, PSD (Adobe Photoshop) format files can be downloaded for adjustments.

Cost reduction examples after introducing OneDesign 

<OneDesign Features>

Selection of image types 

Specification of layout colors 

Click-through rate and CVR prediction 

Text editing features (articles, fonts, font colors) 

PSD file download

<Usage of OneDesign>

1. Input information about products or services

2. Upload images of products, models, logos, etc.

3. Select conditions and start generation

4. Download images (jpeg or psd)


<Applicable Enterprises for OneDesign>

・Enterprises lacking or having fewer graphic design resources

・Enterprises lacking marketing-related knowledge, finding it challenging to produce effective materials

・Enterprises lacking additional manpower to hire designers

・Enterprises preferring to create materials internally rather than outsourcing


<Image Generation Algorithm Overview> 

<Service Introduction Page>



<CEO President Masaya Ishikawa’s Comments>

Since starting conversational marketing “ChiChat” business in Taiwan in 2020 with CDO Funai, we have continuously advanced research and development of AI-based advertising material generation. With the development of LLM based on GPT and other Transformers, automatic generation of neutral communication has made significant progress. In the future, we plan to utilize these LLM and LVLM to develop various specialized field AI applications. We are delighted to release an application focused on advertising creativity and thank all our research and development partners. By utilizing this service, creators can significantly reduce the cost and time of advertising material production, allowing them to focus more on creative areas. We will not only limit ourselves to advertising creativity but also advance research and development of various creative AI in digital marketing fields such as video creativity and metaverse 3D creativity, challenging to achieve the vision of “infinite possibilities through symbiosis with AI and humans.”


<Project Manager Ee Iino’s Comments>

After the beta release, we received extensive feedback in Japan and Taiwan and continuously improved functionalities with our partners. We are pleased to announce the official release by generating Meta’s square size. Moving forward, we will expand the value offered by enhancing quality, expanding sizes, and adapting to various media. Our goal is to initially introduce it to all enterprises engaged in advertising operations in Japan and Taiwan while expanding to various Asian countries. We will continue to work with customers, partners, and investors to realize the vision of “making global digital advertising more creative through AI and design.”

<Future Outlook>

Further enhance the quality of image generation by accumulating high-precision hypothesis verification. We also plan to support platforms other than Meta and expand to various image sizes. Leveraging unique automatic generation algorithms, we will expand in Japan and Taiwan and further globally, including English-speaking regions. Our ultimate goal is to challenge and achieve a world of “infinite possibilities through symbiosis with AI and humans.”

<Overview of OneAI Corporation>

OneAI Inc., a Japanese company specializing in digital marketing, centers its core around creative AI with a vision of “AI symbiosis with humans to create infinite possibilities.” Since its founding in 2015, the company has supported numerous enterprises in communication DX (digital transformation) and provided services. By March 2023, the company’s independently developed creative AI focused on conversational marketing received patent certifications in Japan and Taiwan. Its performance-based retargeting service “ChiChat” is currently available in Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Singapore.

<Introduction to OneDesign>

“Our mission is ‘AI × Design: Making digital advertising worldwide more creative.’ This platform aims to solve the challenges faced by digital marketing companies in generating advertising materials. It is the second service launched by OneAI Inc., a Japanese company utilizing developed generative AI technology.”

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July 1, 2024

OneAI Corporation