Unleashing the Power of AI: Revolutionizing Digital Marketing like Never Before!

The term “Artificial Intelligence” (AI) was coined by John McCarthy in 1955, and the following year, he organized a conference called the “Dartmouth Summer Research Project on Artificial Intelligence” at Dartmouth College. Since then, knowledge related to AI has gradually flourished. One of the most well-known developments in recent times is ChatGPT, which gained immense popularity on November 30, 2022. In just two months, it accumulated over 100 million users, indicating its remarkable success. However, can AI truly assist us in the realm of digital marketing? In this context, I have compiled information about three popular AI tools to introduce to our readers.

1.     ChatGPT

2.     MidJourney

3.     ChiChat

1.     ChatGPT – The Most Human-like Chatbot of Our Time!

Launched in November 2022, ChatGPT immediately caused a sensation and attracted many users who eagerly started using it!


GPT stands for Generative Pre-Trained Transformer, which is an AI chatbot program developed by Open AI. Based on the powerful GPT-3.5 language model and enhanced through human intervention, ChatGPT delivers more accurate and realistic responses and conversations.


Why is ChatGPT more popular than other chatbots? It’s because ChatGPT is not just an ordinary conversational bot; it possesses a wealth of knowledge that surpasses most individuals. From simple tasks like translation and basic arithmetic to complex tasks like writing papers and coding, ChatGPT can handle it all! Although it may occasionally provide puzzling or incorrect answers, its responses are often so well-crafted that it can easily fool users into thinking they are interacting with a human.


While the ChatGPT wave was still going strong, OpenAI quickly unveiled the next generation, GPT-4, on March 14th. GPT-4 can process long-form content exceeding 25,000 words, narrate stories based on images, and even explain the humor behind memes. Once again, OpenAI has exceeded people’s expectations.


The emergence of such an interesting and practical AI system has captured people’s attention. However, it has also brought certain challenges and threats to specific systems and professions. For example, there are debates about whether “search engines could be replaced.” Paul Buchhest, the developer of Google and Gmail, has even stated that “Google might be completely disrupted in just one or two years.” Apart from search engines, many believe that professions involved in content creation, such as playwrights and journalists, have the potential to be completely replaced by AI. Although current chatbots still lack critical thinking and the ability to learn more about textual expression, with continued interaction and data accumulation, they may gradually approach the level of human thinking in the future.


At present, GPT is not yet capable of fully replacing humans in the creation of marketing-related content. However, it is undeniable that it can provide significant assistance in generating copy.

1.     MidJourney – An AI-powered image editing software that enables everyone to create stunning graphics with ease!

After its beta testing release in May 2022, MidJourney immediately sparked a wave of discussions and excitement. MidJourney is an AI drawing program that eliminates the need to invest time in learning composition, drawing techniques, and more. With just a few simple input keywords, users can generate images effortlessly! This not only saves a significant amount of time and effort but also allows for the creation of more refined visuals and specific styles if the keyword descriptions are precise.


Since its launch, the program has captured the attention of many users; however, the reviews have been mixed. The positive aspect lies in the program’s enjoyable nature, allowing individuals with no artistic background to experience the joy of creating their own images.


Some individuals even used MidJourney to create images and won competitions abroad, which sparked both dissatisfaction and controversy. Regarding the mentioned championship incident, many people argue that these artworks are not truly “created” by the individuals themselves. Some even question the validity of considering oneself an artist based on a painting generated by AI. However, the participant strongly defended his work, stating that he spent over 80 hours creating and making over 900 revisions. He emphasized the continuous adjustments of light, color, and other elements in the composition to achieve the final result. Both sides presented valid arguments, making it challenging to determine who is right or wrong.


Apart from the mentioned event, there are also copyright disputes related to AI-generated art. Since AI often learns by training on existing artists’ works and engaging in derivative creations, questions arise regarding infringement. Some artists have taken legal action against AI art companies, alleging the misappropriation of their intellectual property. While AI-generated art brings interesting applications and even aids people in their work, it also requires more comprehensive legal regulations to protect the rights of artists.


Due to widespread misuse, MidJourney has recently discontinued its free version and switched to a monthly subscription model, charging $10 per month. However, the relatively affordable price may not effectively deter misuse to a significant extent.


From the current development of AI-generated images, there are still controversies surrounding the use of these images in advertising and marketing, which poses certain risks. However, if AI advances to the point where it can create images from scratch, it would undoubtedly bring significant benefits to marketers. We look forward to the continued progress and enhancement of AI-generated images in the future.

1.     ChiChat AI – A Dedicated Tool for Digital Marketing, Generating High-Converting Visual Content!

In 2022, the availability of AI systems to the general public opened up new possibilities for interactive and visually appealing content. Users can now engage with AI to receive effective responses and generate visually stunning images. While these AI systems can assist the digital marketing industry by providing copywriting support and information retrieval, their capabilities are limited to these functions.


Since 2018, Hitobito Inc. has been collecting relevant data and conducting research on AI technologies for digital marketing. With information gathered from over 150 companies, their AI-powered chatbot, ChiChat, has been developed to generate high-converting copy and graphics tailored to precise target audiences. But how does it achieve this?


By providing ChiChat AI with image materials, audience demographics, marketing appeals, and other relevant information, it can generate over 1,000 ad visuals and copies. Both the images and copies are designed to optimize conversion rates based on AI’s prior experiences. This allows marketers to choose high-converting visual and textual content for their campaigns.

The above image shows the actual results of implementing AI-generated graphics and text.

Based on the above performance case, the effectiveness of AI-generated images is significantly higher compared to manually designed ones. Additionally, while it may take a designer an hour to create a single image, AI can generate over 1000 images within 10 minutes by providing the corresponding materials and requirements. This greatly saves production time and achieves better results.


Currently, the service provided by Hitobito Inc., “ChiChat AI,” is not directly available for businesses to use. At this stage, it is operated by professional project managers who provide end-to-end services, including traffic optimization, SNS customer acquisition, and conversion. “ChiChat” aims to solve the pain points of current digital marketing, reduce bounce rates, and help businesses transform traffic into performance. The platform for clients is expected to launch in April 2024.


“ChiChat” is a new type of marketing service from Japan that can automatically detect and retain users who are about to leave a webpage. It utilizes the “ChiChat” bot on SNS platforms to engage in customized conversations with customers, gaining deeper insights into their preferences and guiding them towards the final conversion action. All the content, copywriting, design, and more are handled by Hitobito Inc., and the subsequent PDCA data optimization is carried out by a professional project management team. This allows marketers to save time and effort on the system.


At Hitobito Inc., we aims to grow together with its clients and ensure a worry-free implementation of the service. In the initial phase, there are no charges for system setup and configuration. The pricing model is based on performance-based fees, where a fee is charged only upon successful conversions. This significantly reduces the risk of implementation and maximizes overall business performance.