Do you also have these concerns?

High website bounce rate.

Unable to increase performance.

Unable to estimate marketing costs.

Insufficient human resources.

Unclear customer profiles.

Solving your troubles is simple! All you need is ChiChat!

What is ChiChat

The official website has traffic retention and optimization.

ChiChat can automatically detect customer exit behavior, utilize customized pop-ups to capture their attention, prevent them from leaving, and guide them to LINE OA for a second round of marketing!

Increase brand awareness and boost overall transaction numbers.

After customers join LINE OA as friends, engaging them with entertaining custom scripts helps lower their guard, making them more willing to explore the brand and increase brand awareness! Through interactions, we gain insights into customer profiles, allowing us to recommend personalized products with suitable content, enticing purchases and boosting transaction numbers!

Smart tagging for precision marketing.

*For customers who have made purchases, regularly push appropriate messages to increase LTVR (Lifetime Value Retention).

*For customers who haven’t made purchases, continue implementing various stimulating marketing strategies!

Utilizing AI and transaction data from over 300 cooperating partners, ChiChat can algorithmically determine the optimal timing, images, and content for pushing messages to customers.

The Three Key Advantages of ChiChat

The Results We Can Bring to You

*The data represents average values from collaborative cases; actual performance may vary based on conversion goals and execution conditions.

OneAI Professional Team

ChiChat, the conversational marketing bot, has packaged the intricate processes for you, 
equipped with your dedicated professional planning and design team!

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